Two individuals helping Animals and Birds

“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: Animals.”
Milan Kundera

I’m Dr. Sindhura, my aunty Sri vidya and I are working together to support animal welfare at a large extent. With the lockdown, these animals are not getting letfover foood to eat and people are trying to abuse them more rather than helping them.

We took the initiative to feed 80 dogs daily.  We are trying to make this inititive sustainable for us as well as the beneficiary by feeding the animals vegan foods. FACT: The main reason behind feeding them vegan foods is because dogs can survive easily on vegan food. Dogs on the treets are our main targets because they are the ones which are drectly affected. As part of our initiative, we foster injured animals and birds. To be able to treat the injured aanimals, I have  personally learnt to care for orphaned, injured and sick birds and small animals like squirrels, lizards, rabbits and many more. 
I am sharing this story to highlight that animals need us and we should do our bit to help them. Since I have to work in the morning my parents help me out with fostering.  We also conduct on-field treatment for sick animals, provide vaccinations, adoptions of stray puppies and kittens. The initiative hs only been successful because of the help from my friends and family and my constant determination.

I am sure that I am helping some, but there are many more that need it. I hope our story will inspire others to help the animals around them serve for their welfare. 

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