Winning hearts with algae-based biodegradable leather

The bio-leather, created in 2020 from a mix of algae and organic waste, is an attempt to reduce “white pollution” — the plastic trash left behind in the water — as well as the impacts of the leather tanning industry. It mimics animal leather only in appearance, but the creator claims it is cruelty-free, waterproof, […]

IIM dropout helps more than 1000 women in Bihar to grow their businesses

Years back, Manjari Sharma spent 15 days in the remote villages of Bihar as part of volunteer work. It was then that she witnessed the skills of the women there. Apart from managing all the household chores, they found time to start a small-scale food business of pickles, papads, chutneys and more. Manjari, an IIM graduate and […]

Greenpeace India: power the pedal

In a bid to empower women from low-income groups, Greenpeace India has delivered bicycles to over 450 women laborers in Delhi and Bengaluru as part of the ‘power the pedal’ campaign. Focusing on the issue of gender equality in mobility, the campaign aims to create a community of 5,000 cyclists of female domestic labourers, who […]

Route to Equality

Even as the first lot of 50 electric auto rickshaws is set to be deployed for the first time on Delhi Metro’s feeder routes, 300 women drivers are being trained to get behind the wheels. The initiative of ETO Motors aims to create sustainable income and enhancement opportunities for 300 women earners in Delhi. The women […]