Mission Aakash initiative with a soul

NFHS -5 data shows that across India, 67% of children aged 6-59 months suffer from Anemia. The prevalence of anaemia among pregnant women stands at

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The Transformative Path

In the village of Mootaikaranchavadi, a unique story emerged featuring Muthu Swetha, an enthusiastic eighth-grade student at Panchayat Union Middle School. When the Whole School

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Chandan’s Odyssey

Chandan, a fourth-grade student was once a shy and reserved child. He struggled to participate in classroom activities and hesitated to interact with his teachers

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Manisha Soars to Silver

Manisha is a determined Class XI student from Vimukti School. As a young teenager, she foundsolace in poetry, expressing her emotions and thoughts through poignant

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From Determination to Innovation.

In the small town of Manikonda, in Telangana, three determined students – Sultan, Rustam, andRamu, were bringing about a significant transformation. Even though the town

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