October 28, 2020
Making abundant use of public-private-partnerships, Peepul has made significant strides in its efforts to overhaul the image and quality of government school education in India There had been repeated requests from the founder of Peepul to visit the Municipal Corporation School at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi but I was busy travelling around the country to […]

RightWalk Foundation

October 21, 2020
Despite some outstanding work being done by a number of officers and institutions in the field of school education, the State of Uttar Pradesh has been known for all wrong reasons. I was visiting Lucknow in the year 2017 as Secretary School, Government India to discuss an action plan for the State. The schedule was […]

Kaivalya Foundation

October 14, 2020
Settling into my new avatar as Secretary, School Education, my quest led me to different states, interacting with institutions, people and processes. I knew that a huge change was needed to take public education to the next level. I also knew that the change could only come when all players collaborate through a public-private-partnership collaborative […]

Lend A Hand India

October 7, 2020
By making use of public-private partnership to scale up, Lend A Hand India is working to normalise vocational education and make it an intrinsic part of the larger education sector I was on an official visit to Pune as Secretary, School Education, Government of India during 2017. Raj Gilda, co-founder of ‘Lend A Hand India’, […]