Nagaland Students Setup Mini Hydropower Plant, Power Highway Street Lights

Through the heart of Khuzama village in Kohima district, Nagaland, runs the Asian Highway 2, which has street lamps that stand 7-foot tall. Its posts are painted with the motifs of the Angami tribe in colours of red, green, black, white, yellow and orange, among others. This was done to represent the “rich Angami tribe […]

A DU student setting an example how to celebrate Diwali !

One who brings happiness to another’s face is an extraordinary person. Shivangi Sharma who hails from Haryana and DU student setting an example how to celebrate diwali. She went orphanage house to celebrate  Diwali with kids and distributed some chips, chocolates, candies. She wants to do a lots of work for society and nation. She […]

Uplifting The Rural Education in Himalayan Uttrakhand

Uplifting  the Rural Education in Himalayan Uttrakhand In 2012, Mr. R.P. Bhatt chairman of the School came back to his village Khandukhal in Uttrakhand with the dream to provide holistic education to the children of his village and the surrounding villages. Mr. Bhatt has 21 years of experience in administration.He sold a part of his […]

Shachindra’s last *#125days* and his thoughts

Today, through the #WallofGratitude we take a bow to Factory Heads like Shachindra Kumar in the #FMCG industry who along with their teams have been enabling production & supply of life-saving #hygiene products. Our sincere #gratitude to #DeCoronaChamps like Shachindra and tens of thousands of #leaders in factories across the nation who have been holding […]

The Leading Ladies on Mission against Menstrual Poverty

The Nation with population of approximately 1.33 billion in which 48 percent are females, where we talk about awareness, empowerment, activeness, participation, equality and all on daily basis for females of our country. It looks decent to talk about them, but when we see the reality behind the curtain of our fancy words it’s scary.  […]

Best Practices followed in primary education

Best Practices Our vision at Dr Shamrao Kalmadi Primary school is “To be a joyful learning community nurturing creativity for a sustainable future”.  We believe in providing learner centric education and have always taken the changing needs of students and technological advancements in our stride, providing the latest and best facilities for our students. As […]

What quality do we need more to make the world a better place?

The answer to the question, in short, is- ‘Kindness.’ Kindness refers to the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s the ethical characteristics of any person. When we are growing up as kids, families and schools teach us what is Kindness, why is it important and how to be kind to others. It feels […]