Ecovibe’s journey from cycle to eco-cycle

 Pedalling is a popular fitness activity across age groups these days. For some cycling enthusiasts, it’s about recreation, relaxation of a different kind. For Kozhikode’s Ecovibe Pedallers, however, cycling is more of a mission. The 21-member cycling community based in Nadapuram is on a mission to eliminate the plastic menace.

Cruising through different parts of Kozhikode on their bicycles, the members clear plastic junk on public roads and in waterbodies. “A leisurely cycle ride — soaking in nature — is probably best exercise, and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages,” says Ecovibe Pedallers secretary Faisal K K. 

“We initially formed this group with an aim to boost the physical and mental health of the members.”Formed in 2019, Faisal adds, the pedallers covered towns, hill stations, ghats, and rivers. “Those trips were enjoyable, memorable,” he says.

“But, one thing that disturbed us on all those trips was the sight of plastic junk marring natural beauty.” So, the ‘gang’ decided on action. “We started cleaning up plastic waste through our trips,” says Faisal, adding that group adopted ‘Save the Nature’ as its motto.

Besides daily morning rides, Ecovibe Pedallers conducts weekly trips through small towns and tourism destinations in and around the Nadapuram region.  Members collect plastic waste and dump it in garbage bins set up by local bodies. 

“During the weekend trips, we cover about 100km,” says Faisal. “In the beginning, we were just three cycling enthusiasts. We evolved as a group or a cycling collective following the Covid outbreak and lockdowns.” Ecovibe Peddlers is planning another green mission. “We will soon start planting tree saplings on roadsides and open public spaces, wherever our bicycles take us,” Faisal smiles. 

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