A radio learning program to build connection, culture of community learning and develop resilience in areas with limited access to devices.

Kshamta Radio – Paathshaala ki Ghanti Bajao in partnership with a community Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM!
A radio learning program to build connection, culture of community learning and develop resilience in areas with limited access to devices.
About our organization
Kshamtalaya Foundation, a for purpose non-profit company founded to support children achieve their true potential. Our vision is to work to develop creative confidence in children and build an entrepreneurial mindset.
The Problem
The NCF (National Curriculum Framework) 2005 describes one of the main aims of Education as learning to respond to new situations flexibly and creatively. 
Our focus has been to engage with government schools in disadvantaged settings and ensure that children have access to meaningful and purposeful learning environment.  The COVID – 19 pandemic demanded a nation-wide lock down as a preventive measure. This has given birth to offshoot effects that demand us to think about adapting our intervention. 
Our intervention geographies Kotra and Gogunda do not have access to stable internet connectivity to explore the options of e-classrooms or conferences. A handful of villages having access to internet, lacks availability of devices which poses another adversity. 
Our Approach
We are trying to adapt to change and we choose to go the old school way! One of the ways we thought of communicating is through the Community Radio where children and their parents could possibly benefit from: through learning focused audio program. The shows are designed in a way that is meaningful, relatable, contextual and creates opportunities for children to apply what they listen to, in their everyday lives. We are creating shows spanning over 30 minutes each to include Mindfulness and thematic learning sessions that are mapped to their school curriculum. 
Guided mindfulness sessions
Riddles, jokes, trivia
  • To provide tools for coping with the current situation or uncertainties through sessions of mindfulness & well-being podcasts.
  • To help children connect to their learning in a joyful manner.
  • To develop the skill of Mindful listening.
  • To help understand the process of critical evaluation of presented situations and its relevance in their lives.
  • To develop critical thinking through solving riddles and puzzles.
  • To be able to use the plat form to learn and share their work.
Themes explored
  • Friends and family & importance of giving gratitude
  • World of animals & how we can take care of them
  • Trees, plants & their conservation   
  • Water, it’s uses & conservation
  • Food, diverse practices & health
  • Homes and Habitat
  • Transportation and communication
  • Air, it’s properties and how it gets polluted
  • Hygiene of self and communities
  • Occupation 
  • Interdependence in this beautiful world!
Intended Beneficiaries
Children studying in grade 3 and above their parents/guardians
Geographical Coverage
Areas near Abu Road & Kotda, broadcast reach in radius of 30 KM for all children in areas beyond digital and online access. Also accessible through the online link and Radio Madhuban Android app for children having access to digital devices and online mode.

Few of the children’s responses after listening to the show
Priyanshi, Grade 8 from Bikarni listens to the show every day, she shared that she particularly liked the Paltu pashu & Junglee Jaanvar stories.
Dilip studies in grade 2 and he lives in Chaapar village. He listened to the Junglee Jaanvar show and responded to one of the questions through the voice note delivered by the field facilitators. He shared that he has seen a wild fox (lombdi!). 


You can get in touch with Vivek at vivek@kshamtalaya.org. 


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