Odisha Millet Mission: An Approach For Sustainable Agriculture & Healthy World

Leading to millet production one of the farmers named Mrs. Santilata Birua (48 yrs) is residing at Sankatapalia village of Hardagarh Gram Panchayat, Hatadihi block of Keonjhar District successfully Cultivating millet. In the year 2022-2023 kharif Millet production Mrs. Santilata Birua was motivated and showed her interest for the production of millet crop knowing the […]

Dehradun Ecologist’s Home Hasn’t Got an Electricity or Water Bill in 3 Years

Soumya Prasad, an ecologist, has not paid an electricity or water bill for the last three years. She doesn’t even remember the last time she went to a market to buy vegetables. No, she is not living in any cave away from mankind. With practices like waste management, driving an electric car, growing organic food […]

Man Quits IT Job To Start Aquaponics Venture, Helps Farmers Boost Their Incomes

The corporate grind might help bring in cash, but for some, remaining close to nature is paramount. Rohit Gupta (28) found himself among the latter when he quit his software engineering job to take up farming. “I never regretted my decision to quit my IT job,” he says, adding, “I’m proud to be part of […]

Automated seed certification cheers the farm and farmers in Bihar

For any farmer, a seed is a cheap yet critical input for farming. With a fistful of seeds, the farmer launches himself onto the farm, sowing them and reaping the crop that reaches millions.  Seeds are of critical importance in states with primarily agrarian focus. Bihar with 77 per cent (higher than national average) of […]

Millets – Are These Lesser Known Cereals Slowly Making A Comeback?

They may be lesser known cereals but millets are extremely nutritious, climate-resilient and have been consumed for a very long time in India. And if reports are to be believed they are eventually making a comeback in our diets. While wheat and rice still continue to remain the most preferred cereals, consumption of Jowar, Bajra […]

SC hosts Virtual Conclave on “Re-emerging and Resilient India”

The ongoing pandemic has evoked multiple discussions, which alluded to developing a rapid recovery plan for building long-term resilience. Recognizing the need to devise an action framework with a common vision for the “New World Order”, the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), an international non-profit organization hosted a conclave on “Re-emerging and Resilient India” in […]