Water Scarcity & It’s Conservation during COVID

How WATER is Important & How to Save water & save Lives during this COVID pandemics:👇I initiated to Save Water in my Area.

➡️A song called JalhiJeevanhai is now irrelevant bcoz of EGO or POWER and So they are saying now jalhamarafashionhai.

➡️One side some person are making and highlighting effort to save the water and another side populace are wasting the water.

➡️ Water and Blood cannot go together said by PM but Why 👇

a) Drop of Water can save millions of Lives & clean Environment & many purposes.

b) Drop of Blood shouldn’t waste to get that water,becoz u/a Article 21 RIGHT to WATER & it is a common liquid for all.

SO HOW TO #SAVEWATER👇 during COVID pandemic.


Less than 0.03% of all fresh water but we all need #FRESHWATER .

So in this way we can #savewater for our upcoming generations👇 and also water is most essential & helpful during this COVID pandemics.

1.Wastewater of sewage can be treated & used for agriculture

2.AQUA Filters wasterwater can use for Utensil cleaning

3.Public awarness e.g:ODF


5.polluted free Oceans, lakes,rivers to save the ecosystem e.g: Don’t pour plastic bags here & there

3 reasons India is waterstressed:

1.Unsustainable Use.

2.Climate Change Impact.

3.Untreated Sewage

Together we can come for  Water Conservation during this lockdown & it will helpful in upcoming days.

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