Uplifting The Rural Education in Himalayan Uttrakhand

Uplifting  the Rural Education in Himalayan Uttrakhand In 2012, Mr. R.P. Bhatt chairman of the School came back to his village Khandukhal in Uttrakhand with the dream to provide holistic education to the children of his village and the surrounding villages. Mr. Bhatt has 21 years of experience in administration.He sold a part of his land and started Angels Haven School. The School was registered in 2013 and got affiliation in 2017 with Uttrakhand Board. The School educates low income group and marginalized farmer communities with the donations from family & friends. Angels Haven School started with 11 children and one teacher. Now the School caters for 56 children and engages 6 teachers.School is headed by Mrs Vibha Bhatt, wife of Mr. R.P. Bhatt ,a retired teacher with two decades of experience. We have implemented some best global practices, as an experiment, with an intention of discovering their values first hand.We are practising Quiet time/ Silence in our morning assembly and in the classrooms.

We have discovered that we become more attentive to our behaviour, biases and attitudes. We find more focus and energy in our everyday activities. The ability to be more creative is nurtured. Reflective journaling and our weekly discussions are bringing mindfulness to our actions, thoughts and feelings, Thus endorsing our shared commonalities as a cohesive group and respecting and accepting each other’s uniqueness. Compassion and empathy seems to evolve, with the practise  quiet  time, reflective journaling and weekly focused discussions.

Our School has initiated two projects, to make learning more holistic and joyful involving local community. One is Community library, where along with reading habits, we aim to hone interpersonal relationship skill, storytelling and encourage community participation and cultural activities. Farming is another area, where transdisciplinary learning is being focused. Respecting Earth through our activities of Head, Heart and Hand , to produce effective learning outcomes. We are learning how means is more important than the end. The process of planting seeds and nurturing plants, is a wholesome process of sharing, overcoming challenges, adaptability, self reliance and learning of nature’s rhythms. Friends, we are grateful to share our progressive development with you. During the times of pandemic it  reinforces the value of collective human potential, with collaboration, cooperation& perseverance . Our School is participating in Education today Society tomorrow’s project for 50 schools of excellence. We endorse excellence in every endeavour as an effective means to an end. As Gandhi ji said, whatever you want to do, “ take care of the means and the ends will take care of themselves.

We are determined to facilitate all round development of our children with various activities like different sports ,yoga, dance, drama and music.We are also grateful for our team of global educators for mentoring & guiding our community. R.P. Bhatt  (Chairman of the School)Vibha Bhatt  (Headmistress of the School  Angels  Haven School Khandukhal (Uttrakhand)Email : vibhabhattangelshaven @gmail.com, Mobile No : 8394897194, 7060340529


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