Unlocking Samreen’s Pathway to Learning

“Learning is unifying seemingly divergent ideas and data.” – Terry Heick

Until some time ago, no one thought highly of the girl who lived in Bandipora, Kashmir. At first glance,
one will mistake Samreen for a regular school student. Nothing seems too out of the ordinary for her,
until one gets to learn about her background.
Samreen comes from a humble family. She has four sisters; her mother is a homemaker, and her father
is an auto-rickshaw driver. When she first joined a private school, Samreen wasn’t interested in studies.
Her academic scores were below average. As per her baseline report, Samreen was not even at beginner
level in both Numeracy and Literacy. This caused concerns for her teachers as well as her parents. This is
when her parents got to know about the Road to School (RTS) Program through community rallies and
enrolment drives conducted by the project staff. After that, Samreen was moved to an RTS Intervention
School (Govt. School).

The Road to School Program is a holistic child development initiative focused on improving learning
outcomes with both scholastic and co-scholastic interventions. Additionally, the project lays emphasis
on comprehensive health care, hygiene, wellness and every day nutritious breakfast program for all the
students studying in the government primary and middle schools where it is being implemented.
Samreen’s parents were really impressed to see the activity-based learning method. This was one of the
major reasons which caused them to switch schools for Samreen.

Mehak, a Resource Person (RP) associated with the Road to School Program, conducted counselling
sessions for Samreen. Samreen was involved in various learning related activities and special remedial
classes were conducted to improve her academic scores. To understand her growth, assessments were
undertaken on various subjects. Her numeracy and literacy levels upgraded to Progressing Level.
Samreen started showing more interest in her studies and took this opportunity to help other students
of her class, who were struggling in English and Mathematics.

Apart from that, Samreen started developing a knack for extra-curriculum activities like painting, art and
craft. Gradually, Samreen also started excelling in her academics. Now, she wants to become a doctor to serve the needy people in the country. Her parents also feel grateful for the transformation that their
daughter has undergone.

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