Transforming Beggars and Homelessness amid #COVID19 pandemic

#Transformation – Not Just A Change, leading the way towards Social Transformation:

We are Converting Crisis into opportunity for the Most Vulnerable. Transforming the vulnerable, beggars by providing them with skill sets, societal values, care & make over to change the approach.
With the lockdown due to #Covid19, the most vulnerable and homeless are at the receiving end . We decided to conduct survey of homeless and beggars in Nagpur city. We surveyed and identified more than 1500 such people who were shifted to Shelter homes.

In the beginning, we provided them with food, shelter, health checkup. But in the process we decided to change their approach and make over their looks including shaving the hair, bathing habits, sanitation and above all provided them with new clothes. This is being done through the participation of NGOs, philanthropist, Nagpur Municipal Corporation and of course people, I call this as PPPP model, public private people’s partnership.
We have also started skill training in areas like carpenter, saloon , etc whichever is available in the group. My plan is to provide them with skill training after COVID 19 to being them in mainstream and transform their lives.
Vulnerable & beggars also can be choosers in their lives with positive self-esteem and socio-economic skills.Along with free food, health checkup, skill development, other activities like yoga, meditation, etc are also practiced to keep them entertained. We are looking for a permanent solution to homelessness so that after the pandemic, these individuals can lead an independent life.
Tukaram Mundhe , IAS
Municipal Commissioner, Nagpur

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