This UP teacher is making poor kids ‘literate’ in 30 hour

Is it possible to make someone literate in just 30 hours? You will be surprised to know that Sunita Gandhi, an educationist in Lucknow, has been doing this for five years. She is making literate children of UP who cannot go to school. For this, she does not charge any fees, but teaches for free. Now she will start this model of literacy in 30 hours in other parts of the country.

Sunita Gandhi told, ‘We are hoping to start it in 20 states by the end of next year. Hopefully, we will make 20 lakh literate children who cannot go to school. Sunita Gandha’s Global Dreamshala is run entirely by volunteers.

‘Based on general principles’
Sunita Gandhi said that all this is based on a simple principle – ask the children what they know and start working on the same. It does not apply the same structure to all students.

‘Some children are illiterate despite going to school’
Tom Delani, trainer of the literate program, said, “Some of my students are illiterate even after going to school. They are told that they are ‘nalayak’ (worthless) and assault. But it is not that they do not know things. They can recognize pictures, know words. We try to understand what he knows and what he does not know”.

Similar tool kit
Each session does not exceed 15 minutes as children from poor backgrounds do not devote much time. Instead of telling those things to children, we tell them the answers to those questions.
For example, when a child wants to recognize words, it is only a matter of identifying the letters. For that we have brought a cheap 50 rupees toolkit. It has a pack related to pictures of syllables. The toolkit has 30 lessons – 60 short videos, books, alphabet cutouts and stationery items.

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