The Journey of two students on their way to make world a Better Place

Mother Teresa once said, “If you cannot feed a hundred people, feed one.” 

Taking forward that very ideology, Sancia and Aura Sehdev say “If you cannot plant a hundred trees for the environment, just plant one.” 
This philosophy is what gave birth to the Saath Saath Movement in October 2018. The Saath Saath movement aims to involve each and every person around the globe, encouraging them to participate and do their bit for the environment. The founders of this national movement realized that just learning from textbooks is not enough. Our education can only be useful if we start implementing what we learn. And it doesn’t matter when you begin or how much you do… As long as you DO IT.

The Saath Saath Movement is a green initiative led by 16 year old Sancia Sehdev and 12 year old Aura Sehdev which aims to raise awareness among the community about the importance of trees in our environment and encourages everyone to contribute by planting one sapling. In a span of 18 months, the two environment warriors along with their supporters have been able to plant more than 35,000 saplings in 12 cities and 8 different states across India.
The two young environmentalists started the movement by themselves and then to expand their reach, affiliated with Dewsoft, an E-learning organization. Dewsoft helped them expand their reach and offered strong support, engaging their regional leaders and encouraging them to take action. Sancia was even invited to speak at a corporate event, addressing over 2000 people where she talked about the cause, on the importance of the cause and what people could do at the individual level.

With the help of leaders in different states, the Saath Saath Movement was able to reach people all over India. Saplings have been distributed at seminars, subscribers have conducted plantation drives and organized multiple events which have helped to create more awareness about the initiative. In Amritsar, the special needs students of Ibadat Special School conducted a plantation drive , showing the world that everyone can contribute to making a difference if they choose to do so. Schools like the Agangachi High Madrasah in West Bengal have also participated. In their own school, Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan, with the help of the very supportive Prefect Body that Sancia is a part of, the students planted over 60 saplings together. With each participating student aiming to influence 10 other people around them to plant saplings, this number will keep growing.

Recently, with the dedicated efforts of both Sancia Sehdev and Aura Sehdev, the Saath Saath Movement has entered into a collaboration with Golden Shoots, a biotechnology lab in Delhi which has agreed to contribute 1000 high quality saplings of banana and bamboo every month towards the movement. Banana and bamboo are both plants known for their fast growth and air cleansing properties. The Saath Saath Movement has now started a Youth Leaders program to look for more young passionate environmentalists to join them as leaders of the movement. Students who are actively involved with the cause and influence over 50 people around them to plant saplings will be recognized as “Youth Leaders” in the movement.

The students have also approached our respected Chief Minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to help them conduct a massive plantation drive in the city. His office has kindly forwarded our request to Mr. Imran Hussain, Ministry of Environment for further perusal. They hope to get their request sanctioned soon and conduct the largest plantation drive in our city. Every sapling that we are able to plant together is a symbol of one more person who has become more aware of the cause. One more person who understands the issue and why it matters. One more person who is willing to advocate and take action.
Think – “Do we really need a global pandemic such as COVID 19 to witness positive changes in our environment?” The two environmentalists believe that as youth, it is their responsibility to bring the change they want to see, through action and dedication. They know that if every young person in the country contributes, we as a community not only make a positive impact on the lives of the present generation but also on the lives of the generations to come.
To know more about the movement, please visit it at:
Instagram: @saathsaathmovement

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