The Green COVID19 Commandos

“Women empowerment” the most fascinated word for all time discussion. But what does it actually means to the various sections of society differs. Somewhere in the belt of Vindhya range those women who were suffering from domestic violence, illegal alcoholism, gambling, started to raise their voice against these social evils with the youth team of BHU Students under the Banner of Hope Welfare Trust founded by Ravi Mishra. 

From 2014 onwards Team Hope started working on ground with these women, provided them their new identity of “Green Group”, the group of rural women in those regions which are badly affected with numerous social evils. They started with awareness campaigns, local area development by introducing them the various schemes of government for providing them benefits. This group also got recognition from the local administration as “Police Mitra” which rewarded them with more confidence boost. Due to its efforts for education, self defence, and awareness promotion regarding their physical and economical health, the scenario got uplifted from what it was in 2014. 

Even in this pandemic COVID19 which is resulting in ill health, job loss, mental discomfort, hunger, starvation, etc for the society, these green group women proved their empowerment by contributing in mask for all, food for all movements. Some green groups from Varanasi, started making masks at home and distributing it in the rural areas for free of cost. They are making kit of ration and other essentials as per the support of Hope Welfare Trust and distributing them into the naxal affected villages of Mirzapur, which is blessed from rough terrains without roads. They all are taking special care of social distancing, hygiene and letting their neighbours know about it. The young team members of Hope Welfare Trust is working efficiently in providing help to the needy who are dying because of no food to eat. Recently Team Hope reached to the women of redlight area Shivdaspuri, Maduwahdi U.P., provided them ration and other essentials which they are in need of. From Varanasi to Mirzapur, Chandouli, from Jaunpur to Ayodhya team Hope is working efficiently not just only in empowering women but also by reaching to the door of needy. 

As per the discussion with founder of Hope Welfare Trust Mr. Ravi Mishra and secretary Mr. Divyanshu Upadhyay, they have already distributed 3000 ration kits to the hunger affected families, 15000 cooked food packets to the migrating families from numerous places towards their native areas. Team Hope is working unstoppably from last 40 days and hopefully will continue till everything will be normal. Their team work and positive spirit will be a good example for the whole society not just only in regular normal days, but also in this pandemic too. 

Connect with them at to know more deeply about their work and vision or contact at +91-7785814237 / @divyanshu_hope on Twitter.

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