The buildings are closed the schools are not

Going digital during pandemic crisis
– OAVS ensures continued learning for students –
Bhubaneswar: In a novel initiative amidst the corona virus outbreak, Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya Sangathan (OAVS) have shifted to online education to continue teaching during the quarantine.
Despite infrastructural and technological challenges, they have ensured that students continue to receive education. 
OAVS is making online classes possible using technology tools with less bandwidth. Children are connected to their teacher and principals through various online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Whatsapp, and YouTube and voice valling in groups made for different classes. Wherever possible, OAVS is using Zoom.
Adviser OAVS is personally monitoring the functioning of the schools along with Sri Lingraj Panda, IAS, State Project Director, Joint Directors and senior members in Head Office, School Principals and teachers on a daily basis. Apart from making learning to continue in whatever means, the authorities have made sure that no child is left out and is distributing Mid-Day Meal (MDM) coupons during the lockdown for each OAVian.
They have even been given a suggestive time table. The homework is shared in groups.  Students’ doubts and queries are also addressed on the same platform. Teachers have recorded their videos and have uploaded on YouTube for ready reference of the students. 
With 58712 students spread out in 29 districts of Odisha in remote & Naxal blocks, making online education available with limited resources is not an easy task. The authorities of OAVS are in constant touch with the teachers to better the process. Daily meetings and discussions are a routine for OAVS officials.
”As Indians, it is our prime duty to help our nation in times of distress. I request all our students, parents and guardians to adhere to the guidelines laid by the Government. I’m happy that my OAVians are putting in their best effort and helping me in changing the face of the state through education,” said Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, adviser to OAVS.
Attendance is taken as per schedule and if a child is not attending the classes, the class teacher makes a note and follows up with the parents. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed to maintain minimum progress taking into account the availability of net facilities in the various OAVs.  Students who need special attention are given special time by the teachers to explain and help them online with the subject matter.
Chitra Arumugam, Commissioner and Secretary to Government, School and Mass Education Department, adds that the goal to create a sustainable education environment while replicating the model across all government-run schools in Odisha.

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