Teacher pays it forward, donates land for school

Orphaned at six and supported by fellow villagers who got him enrolled into a primary school, Ramsaran Shakya finished his BEd and joined a private school 5km from his village. To return the favor, this teacher from Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj, who is now 56, donated his one-acre ancestral land to build a primary school in his village, Nagla Angad, in 2007.

Shakya took 72 students of his own as well as from neighbouring villages along with him to study at the private school where he was a teacher for nine long years. With a meagre salary of Rs 180 in 1991, he supported all of them to ensure nobody was deprived of education.

“The primary school on my land is heartfelt gratitude towards people who believed in me. The idea to set up a school in my village was to ensure kids do not travel considerable distances to study in schools in neighbouring areas. Many children dropped out of school because of this,” said a teary-eyed Shakya, who has been school’s headmaster since its inception.

Recalling how 117 students of classes 1-5 were enrolled in this primary school in just two days, Shakya said, “The education officials were searching for land when a primary school was sanctioned for my village in 2007. I gave half an acre of land. I gave another half-acre land abutting the school for the approach road to the school.” Shakya’s efforts bore fruit when school was converted into an English-medium school in 2018.

The story has been extracted from https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/other/teacher-pays-it-forward-donates-land-for-school/ar-AA11sLST

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