The Lady who believes in ‘Transforming Education for Human Flourishing’

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines and opens up many venues to learn from. For me, education encompasses but goes beyond academics. As an education futurist, I wanted to create a space for the next generations to learn without fear, to face the highly technical world through student centric approaches such as blended […]

The Streets of Kukma Village in Bhuj, Gujarat Stand out

When we think of a village we imagine a ‘bargad ka ped’ (Banyan tree) as a focal point, where an elderly wise man takes center stage under the tree, giving out advice to a group of villagers encircled around him, listening to him with full attention. But in today’s story, the position which is often […]

Transformational Project of Global Importance for Students

“Youth are the future: neglecting them would be akin to neglecting the future” ~  Decarbonize Decolonize Youth The transformational project that I spearheaded as a Country Representative and Project Facilitator was about “Climate Change”. The objective of this project was to enable the students (Under 18 years) of India to initiate awareness and action by […]

Wall of Gratitude Salutes DeCoronaChamps like Gaurang Rathi, IAS

On the occasion of our Independence Day, through the “Wall of Gratitude“, we salute leaders like Gaurang Rathi, IAS, (Municipal Commissioner – Varanasi, CEO – Varanasi Smart City, CEO – Kashi Vishwanath Trust) and all those in the CivilServices who have been navigating our villages, towns and cities through Covid19. “The best way to find […]

The Leading Ladies on Mission against Menstrual Poverty

The Nation with population of approximately 1.33 billion in which 48 percent are females, where we talk about awareness, empowerment, activeness, participation, equality and all on daily basis for females of our country. It looks decent to talk about them, but when we see the reality behind the curtain of our fancy words it’s scary.  […]

Best Practices followed in primary education

Best Practices Our vision at Dr Shamrao Kalmadi Primary school is “To be a joyful learning community nurturing creativity for a sustainable future”.  We believe in providing learner centric education and have always taken the changing needs of students and technological advancements in our stride, providing the latest and best facilities for our students. As […]

Mission Green Ramnad

Ramanathapuram District Administration has taken judicious efforts to improve the Green Cover & Forest cover in the district by Massive tree plantation, Avenue tree plantation, Plantations on the Tank Bunds, Seed Balls etc. In addition to all these activities, now the District Administration has come up with an idea of creating 1000 mini forests with […]

Water Scarcity & It’s Conservation during COVID

How WATER is Important & How to Save water & save Lives during this COVID pandemics:👇I initiated to Save Water in my Area. ➡️A song called JalhiJeevanhai is now irrelevant bcoz of EGO or POWER and So they are saying now jalhamarafashionhai. ➡️One side some person are making and highlighting effort to save the water […]

सेवा है यज्ञकुंड

नमस्कार, मैं जितेंद्र हेमंत पवार, हम सभी को पता है आज पूरा विश्व इस वैश्विक महामारी कोविड-19 कोरोना वाइरस से लड़ रहा है, निश्चित हम इस युद्ध मे विजयी होंगे। लगभग देशो की स्थिति इस समय गंभीर है, हर देश अपनी विवेक बुध्दि और सामर्थ्यता से इस महामारी को चुनोती दे रहा है ऐसे मे […]