How Dharavi, Asia’s Largest Slum, Went from Virus Hotspot to Model

Mumbai’s Dharavi, the continent’s most crowded slum has gone from coronavirus hotspot to a potential success story, and has the ability to offer a model for developing nations struggling to contain the pandemic.  Authorities have visited almost 47,500 doors since April to measure temperatures and oxygen levels, screened almost 700,000 people in the slum cluster […]

Mission Green Ramnad

Ramanathapuram District Administration has taken judicious efforts to improve the Green Cover & Forest cover in the district by Massive tree plantation, Avenue tree plantation, Plantations on the Tank Bunds, Seed Balls etc. In addition to all these activities, now the District Administration has come up with an idea of creating 1000 mini forests with […]

A Community Came Together to Save Three Sisters

Situated on the Diguru river, Sonapur is a resort town about 20 kilometres from Guwahati in Assam. Surrounded by mountains and lush valleys, it seems like life here would be idyllic. For some it definitely may be, but for three recently orphaned sisters living mostly off the grid, life turned into a nightmare for them.  […]

Let’s Take Care of Each Other

*Ground Reality of Nationwide Lockdown* As India is fighting with the pandemic COVID-19, there is another huge problem that lies underneath. As the country is in lockdown for over two month now, the availability of bare necessities in the small towns and villages could be a big struggle. India being a diverse country, many people […]