Seeds of Prosperity

A small business or micro-enterprise can pave the way to a comfortable living, more so when regular or well-paid jobs are in short supply. This is especially true for individuals and families living below the poverty line. A vegetable cart, a roadside kiosk selling household items, a small home-based tailoring business, or a street food […]

Beaureaucrat turned Padwoman of India

                                                                A journey of creating Pad men and Pad women across India amidst covid by Aman Preet , IRS            […]

From Maggi to Movement to Magic!

Magic Poshan is an initiative, started by Inika Kandwal, Tanya Gupta and Shruti Koundinya, to provide underprivileged schoolchildren with essential nutrition as they don’t have access to school mid-day meals during the lockdown in India.  The Journey Our story begins with one balcony, a cold night breeze, glistening stars, and 3 bowls of steaming Maggi. […]

Shachindra’s last *#125days* and his thoughts

Today, through the #WallofGratitude we take a bow to Factory Heads like Shachindra Kumar in the #FMCG industry who along with their teams have been enabling production & supply of life-saving #hygiene products. Our sincere #gratitude to #DeCoronaChamps like Shachindra and tens of thousands of #leaders in factories across the nation who have been holding […]

Jai Jawan.Jai Artisan! Send Rakhis to Jawans & support livelihoods of Artisans.

Jai Jawan. Jai Artisan. India has always been regarded as the land of art and culture. We Indians take great pride in the works of our artists from across states. But the pandemic has changed everything, and has caused havoc in the lives and livelihoods of people. These artisans in particular have been hit very […]

The Leading Ladies on Mission against Menstrual Poverty

The Nation with population of approximately 1.33 billion in which 48 percent are females, where we talk about awareness, empowerment, activeness, participation, equality and all on daily basis for females of our country. It looks decent to talk about them, but when we see the reality behind the curtain of our fancy words it’s scary.  […]

What quality do we need more to make the world a better place?

The answer to the question, in short, is- ‘Kindness.’ Kindness refers to the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It’s the ethical characteristics of any person. When we are growing up as kids, families and schools teach us what is Kindness, why is it important and how to be kind to others. It feels […]

Evolving villages to eradicate poverty

According to the 2011 census of India, there are more than 6 lakh villages in the country. Poverty is one of the issues faced by the nation as well. Sustainable Development Goal 1 by the UN is ‘eradicating poverty for all people everywhere’. ‘Evolve’ is one such enterprise that plans on achieving the goal through […]

Fired From Her Job, Mumbai Cabbie Drives Over 200 Stranded People Home

“In situations like these, it’s important to help each other. We can truly overcome such adversity only as a community. By offering my services, I became a responsible citizen by doing my duty, as well as earning some money.”, said Vidya who lost her job.  Vidya was passionate about driving since she was a child […]