The buildings are closed the schools are not

Going digital during pandemic crisis – OAVS ensures continued learning for students – Bhubaneswar: In a novel initiative amidst the corona virus outbreak, Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya Sangathan (OAVS) have shifted to online education to continue teaching during the quarantine. Despite infrastructural and technological challenges, they have ensured that students continue to receive education.  OAVS is […]

COVID-19 – Kalorex Digital and Online Education Initiatives

COVID-19 – Kalorex Digital and Online Initiatives  The world is locked down – The phrase sounds bizarre and unreal, but it is unfortunately true and a one of a kind experience for the entire human race collectively.  The unpreparedness is understandable and so is the uncertainty and wariness about this situation. No one really knows […]

Together We Can..

AVAS on the first day of lockdown was clueless about what’s next, but during this time I came to know the real strength of my team. Yes, i found there is no employer and employee in AVAS,  rather we together have become a family to overcome this period. My team stood besides me, created online […]

Bal Bhavan Jaipur – An Oasis of Value Based Fun Learning

Imagine a place of learning where there are no classrooms. Where children huddle around resource persons under the shade of trees, in intense discussion before gleefully dispersing to express their newfound knowledge through art, music, creative writing and drama. Imagine a safe nurturing environment where each child is free to ask questions and is also […]

Children’s Intelligence

  Children’s cognitive abilities – their ability to perform mental operations, to pay attention, to remember and to communicate about what they have learned – are sources of great anxiety for many parents who may wonder whether their children are developing normally. For this reason, we spend the next sections of this document talking about […]

Bharti Foundation ensures rural underprivileged children continue to learn during lockdown

While education institutions across the country are temporarily closed, the pandemic has forced educators to think critically, solve problems, get creative, communicate and collaborate with students and their parents. It has also demonstrated that anything can be achieved with passion and commitment. While the disruption in education affects all students, the rural, the vulnerable, and […]

TICSA is Providing Free Civil Services Coaching to Children from Economically Weaker Sections

TELANGANA INACADEMY [TICSA], HYDERABAD About TICSA: Civil services assume high honour and recognition apart from challenges and job satisfaction. Civil servants play an important role in making suggestions to the policy makers and implementing the policies made by the government. Therefore, it ascertains a prime media for services to the nation and the human society […]

Happy, Healthy, Successful and Secure Children: Parenting Program

With endless exposure of media, drugs, substance; never-ending cases of peer pressure, bullying; and increasing cases of depression and suicidal thoughts found among young children, it seems like a very scary time and space to be living in. Parents sometimes find themselves lost -not being able to understand their children or their choices. Concerns such […]

Empowering NGO girls with STEM Education

In a country where female education is not given much importance, there are NGOs which not only take care of basic education of girls who are socially and economically backward, but also make sure that they get support over and above it to help them in life. When Shweta from Angel Xpress Foundation approached me […]

Wings of opportunity

Arav was diagnosed with dilation of the right ventricle of his brain. This affected his creativity and imagination. Also, because his processing speed was affected, he used to take time to collect his thoughts before speaking. In his previous schools, he had been facing academic difficulties especially in reading and writing.  In 2010, when he […]