10 minutes of Joy

Preamble- In the pre-COVID scenario, we worked with India’s public-funded schools to avail an inclusive sports education to every child which is holistic and lie-skill focussed. We have been firmly on our track by working with 10,000 children around the capital city Delhi. Most of our students come from the lower economic strata of society. […]

Magic Poshan

Our story begins with one balcony, a cold night breeze, glistening stars, and 3 bowls of steaming Maggi.      We were spending just another night of the community lockdown together, and we drifted into conversations about school, university and our lives. Naturally, we came around to talking about the pandemic and how it had […]

Making at-risk children Resilient and Life-ready through Play

Samarth tells Toybank’s Program Officer, “I miss my friends and my teachers. Summer vacations at the Play Centers were all about playing for long hours, but that is missing. I have difficulty understanding anything in our online classes. I want people to visit us; but then again, I don’t want them to because I am […]

How Dharavi, Asia’s Largest Slum, Went from Virus Hotspot to Model

Mumbai’s Dharavi, the continent’s most crowded slum has gone from coronavirus hotspot to a potential success story, and has the ability to offer a model for developing nations struggling to contain the pandemic.  Authorities have visited almost 47,500 doors since April to measure temperatures and oxygen levels, screened almost 700,000 people in the slum cluster […]