Nurse at 76 gets National Honor for her selfless contribution

Hindumbi.KK, a veteran nurse from the Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kavaratti, Lakshadweep, has been honored with the prestigious National Florence Nightingale Award by the President of India. This recognition celebrates her unwavering dedication and selfless contributions to the nursing profession. The announcement of Hindumbi’s commendable achievement has stirred immense pride among the residents of islands. […]

48 year old trains over 5000 women with the use of coconut climbing machine

Once a male-dominated profession, coconut tree climbing saw the entry of many women in the past decade. This is chiefly owing to government initiatives that aim to train them in skills that would help them lead a better life. However, it still needs someone on the ground to train the women and execute its plans. […]

A savior for 10,000+ children

 Pallabi’s life and career have been devoted to the single cause of rescuing children from being trafficked and giving them a better life. In total, she says she has managed to rescue 10,000 odd children by partnering with several organisations. And later on, she started one of her own — the Impact and Dialogue Foundation. The English […]

16 years old helps women to become entrepreneurs

“When we were living in Texas, I grew up watching my mother taking up pottery after quitting her corporate job in 2006, a move she resorted to so she could spend more time with my brother and me. While she started pottery in our garage as a way of de-stressing, she soon became skilled in […]

Lucknow based architect adopts sustainable approach which saves money

In the concrete jungle of Lucknow, where air conditioners and heaters are rampantly used without care, one office in the city stands out. It needs no appliance to control the temperature, humidity, or ventilation, no matter what season it is. Architect Anant Krishna has followed a sustainable approach to design his office — Advance Group […]

An all female staff clinic for women

Women’s health, and particularly their related issues on healthiness, matters. There is a greater need to understand her well-being as it is closely tied to the health of families as well. Even the World Health Organization cited “the health of women and girls as of particular concern since in many societies they are disadvantaged owing […]

An initiative by a teacher to make robotics affordable and accessible

Growing up in a cramped but loving home in Odisha’s tribal hamlet Aunli, Sakyasingha Mahapatra was inspired by how his father Suresh honed a deep passion for science.  The headmaster of a secondary school in the village, Suresh would push his son to participate in different science exhibitions happening in and around their area. On other occasions, […]

37 Tamil Nadu panchayats to have ‘cost-cutting’ solar power generation model

While uninterrupted power supply has been a challenge amid rising costs in the country, a panchayat in Kerala’s Thrissur district has set a model for implementing an alternative power generation and distribution model. On Wednesday, a team of 45 officials, including panchayat presidents and local body authorities, from Tamil Nadu visited the panchayat to study […]

Art of plastic for a better future

Sarfaraz Ali and Sakshi Jha met while organising an event for the Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, where the latter studied. Over time, the duo collaborated on several events, which they say was their introduction to how much plastic waste is generated at large scale events.  After graduating college in 2011, the two worked in […]