37 Tamil Nadu panchayats to have ‘cost-cutting’ solar power generation model

While uninterrupted power supply has been a challenge amid rising costs in the country, a panchayat in Kerala’s Thrissur district has set a model for implementing an alternative power generation and distribution model. On Wednesday, a team of 45 officials, including panchayat presidents and local body authorities, from Tamil Nadu visited the panchayat to study […]

Art of plastic for a better future

Sarfaraz Ali and Sakshi Jha met while organising an event for the Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, where the latter studied. Over time, the duo collaborated on several events, which they say was their introduction to how much plastic waste is generated at large scale events.  After graduating college in 2011, the two worked in […]

A Tree library in Assam

The habit of reading should be sown in the fresh minds of the youngsters which would later bore fruits of learning. The Jorhat Chapter of NGO JCI Femina took the responsibility of inculcating the habit of reading in the young minds by setting up a library in a tree in Mariani town’s Girl High School […]

ASHA: Hope to find water scarcity

For over two decades, Asha S of Karnataka-based NGO Arohana has worked tirelessly to conserve water in her region.  In Kolar district, where water scarcity is rampant, she has helped 1,350 households divert waste water to agricultural fields, rejuvenated two lakes, and enabled rainwater harvesting in three government schools.   “It is everyone’s duty to protect […]

In a nutshell: Man who went out of his way to save the turtles

Soumya Ranjan Biswal from Odisha spends most of his time creating awareness about olive ridley turtles and the marine ecosystem. He and his college junior, Dilip Kumar Biswal, take turns to don the costume of a cheerful turtle as they travel along Odisha’s coast to create awareness about the environment among the fishing communities. He’s […]

A waste free and water surplus village in Himachal

Poor sanitation and waste management in rural areas are leading to large-scale migration to urban towns and cities. Pappla Gram Panchayat in the heart of Himachal Pradesh was no exception. The households of Pappla faced issues in managing their solid-liquid waste. The collection of unsegregated waste was especially a problem. The waste and wastewater from […]

Pothole Raja: An Initiative To Fix Pothole Menace

Perhaps there is not a city in India that is alien to potholes. It is a prominent feature of most Indian roads, be it in a metro city or otherwise. Indians have mocked the authorities’ inability to ensure well-maintained roads, with a Bengaluru artist hilariously recreating the iconic moonwalk on potholes. Although we are used […]

Econiture: Turning plastic waste into eco-friendly furniture

It’s a story of a startup by four friends who thought of exploring the ways to change the mindset and uprise the ways to tackle plastic waste in our daily lives. In 2017, these youngsters from Amravati, Maharashtra, pitched in Rs 5 lakh each to build a venture that aimed to minimise the amount of […]

Restoration of mangroves in Sundarban through afforestation

The primary objective of this project is to reduce the impact of cyclones by planting/ restoring of mangroves as well as also to generate an income source to the women who are both planting and guarding the mangrove sapling. The following are the major objectives of the proposed project: – Creation of a green barrier:- […]