Gender Inequality in the modern world, but has to change

Times have changed, but there are some old social issues still prevailing in societies. Gender inequality has been existing all over the world for a long time back. It recognizes that men and women are not equal. Even though they do have biological differences, discrimination is done based on socially constructed divisions. Some of the […]

Social Capital: Developing true wealth

#Socialcapital is true wealth which boosts economy & overall growth however it cannot be measured directly & manifests itself in various aspects of society. @DAY_NRLM @MoRD_GOI it means #sustainablelivelihoods @OfficeofUT @mrhasanmushrif My blog on it

Politics of Good

Hailing from a rural village Annadanam in the Nalgonda district of Telangana, Uma (28) was very passionate to be a part of Politics. Though she is well educated and worked extensively in the social sector for a decade, she couldn’t find a way to the active politics as she hardly had any support and guidance.  […]

Best Practices followed in primary education

Best Practices Our vision at Dr Shamrao Kalmadi Primary school is “To be a joyful learning community nurturing creativity for a sustainable future”.  We believe in providing learner centric education and have always taken the changing needs of students and technological advancements in our stride, providing the latest and best facilities for our students. As […]

10 Gurugram Residents are Helping Organic Farmers Bring Produce to Your Doors

In such a situation, it is vital India finds alternative pathways of well-being, that help generate dignified livelihoods for all, and that help us move towards ecological sustainability. Before the pandemic drove things awry, people would throng the club patio at South City-1 in Gurugram during the early hours every Sunday. A long line of […]

Evolving villages to eradicate poverty

According to the 2011 census of India, there are more than 6 lakh villages in the country. Poverty is one of the issues faced by the nation as well. Sustainable Development Goal 1 by the UN is ‘eradicating poverty for all people everywhere’. ‘Evolve’ is one such enterprise that plans on achieving the goal through […]