Counselling seminar organized by Evolve for the village girls during Covid 19

Evolve Foundation as a society is working with a holistic approach. It is working towards creating smart, sustainable villages. Women are an important section of our society and play a dominant role in the life & growth of a child. Empowering women & girls is the key to social transformation. Keeping this in mind, Evolve […]

IAS officer building rural libraries

District Magistrate of Jamtara Jharkhand is converting old, dilapidated buildings into libraries One important reason for our rural areas to be backward in the field of education is the absence of access to libraries. Therefore, the sooner we promote our libraries in the country with our loyalty and vigilance, the sooner we will be able […]

Library Enraptures Three Generations

Library Enraptures Three Generations  Like tufts of cotton, different layers of cirrus and cumulous clouds can be seen drifting with the breeze against the azure sky. A sparkling light blue river snakes past the valley forming a picture perfect setting.  The van for the Reading Campaign, full of books, followed the undulating roads along the […]

Evolving villages to eradicate poverty

According to the 2011 census of India, there are more than 6 lakh villages in the country. Poverty is one of the issues faced by the nation as well. Sustainable Development Goal 1 by the UN is ‘eradicating poverty for all people everywhere’. ‘Evolve’ is one such enterprise that plans on achieving the goal through […]

Sustainable living: An outlook for future

Life before the outbreak of Coronavirus was different than how it is currently. People were able to travel, go out to eat or order food online, to the malls for shopping, party and whatnot. This freedom then, however, was taken for granted and often misused. Also, it greatly affected the environment and society. People became […]

क़िस्सागोई… Stories Untold.

क़िस्सागोई: एकअभिनवपहल   लॉकडाउन पीरियड की रिक्तता को सदुपयोगी कार्य में लगाने की मंशा से हैदराबाद संभाग के केंद्रीय विद्यालय संख्या 2, नौसेनाबाग, विशाखापट्नम के प्राचार्य निशिकांतअग्रवाल द्वारा “यूट्यूब ” पर ‘क़िस्सागोई…स्टोरीजअनटोल्ड ‘ के नाम से एक शिक्षा प्रदचैनल बनाया गया है. (लिंक :  )    क़िस्सागोई दर असल कहानी सुनाने की कला है, […]

The buildings are closed the schools are not

Going digital during pandemic crisis – OAVS ensures continued learning for students – Bhubaneswar: In a novel initiative amidst the corona virus outbreak, Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya Sangathan (OAVS) have shifted to online education to continue teaching during the quarantine. Despite infrastructural and technological challenges, they have ensured that students continue to receive education.  OAVS is […]

Children’s Intelligence

  Children’s cognitive abilities – their ability to perform mental operations, to pay attention, to remember and to communicate about what they have learned – are sources of great anxiety for many parents who may wonder whether their children are developing normally. For this reason, we spend the next sections of this document talking about […]


‘Pragyanam’ meaning wisdom or understanding in Sanskrit, is a new K-12 school in Gurugram. We stand on the core belief that the objective of learning in the 21st century is to raise mindful, conscientious individuals who root for competence over competitiveness and aspire to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. Pragyanam- a CBSE affiliated […]

Mission 100 Library movement by Sanskriti

Joginder Rohilla started Sanskriti, which sets up free libraries and offers career guidance to kids, and EtechDreams, a startup that generates employment in rural areas. As a techie with a flourishing career, Joginder Rohilla may have lived in Europe and South America, but flashes of Bahadurgarh, the small town in Haryana where he grew up, […]