Evoking the local to fight the global

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. It has asked us tougher questions day by day, straining our resources and making us question our strategies. Because lots of data and expert opinion has flooded in through various channels, it has been doubly difficult to keep track of all that is happening. One good […]

When a Sewing Machine helped Lalita stitch her Life Back Together

Who knew that the four walls which once confined Lalita to the daily rut of domestic routine, could become her portal to economic liberation, only with the addition of two sewing machines?  All hell broke loose when Lalita’s husband lost his job, leaving his family in a quandary on how to make the ends meet. […]

eShakti.com: Power of Tech Spreading Happiness in Two Different Ends of the World

 At a time when Indian Garment Export industry is struggling due to cheaper competition from other Asian countries & falling demand from western markets, eShakti.com, an innovative home grown fashion brand, has bucked the trend and has emerged as saviour for hundreds of employees who lost their jobs or had to settle with poor earnings.  […]