The Streets of Kukma Village in Bhuj, Gujarat Stand out

When we think of a village we imagine a ‘bargad ka ped’ (Banyan tree) as a focal point, where an elderly wise man takes center stage under the tree, giving out advice to a group of villagers encircled around him, listening to him with full attention. But in today’s story, the position which is often […]

10 Gurugram Residents are Helping Organic Farmers Bring Produce to Your Doors

In such a situation, it is vital India finds alternative pathways of well-being, that help generate dignified livelihoods for all, and that help us move towards ecological sustainability. Before the pandemic drove things awry, people would throng the club patio at South City-1 in Gurugram during the early hours every Sunday. A long line of […]

Rachakonda Police of Telangana state- Serving Souls in Covid19 Pandemic

Humaneness and sensitivity have long been perceived to be hidden behind the Khaki. The COVID 19 pandemic brought the nation to a standstill through lockdown. However, the police have geared themselves up in no time to be tough on implementation of lockdown on one hand and to lend a helping hand to those suffering due […]

On Food Safety Day, We Salute Our Kitchen Heroes

June 7, 2020 is World Food Safety Day, and at Akshaya Patra food safety is prioritized from farm to plate, to ensure the safety of the 1.8 million government school children we feed every day. The heroes behind the seamless production and delivery of hot, nutritious meals delivered daily from our 52 Mega Kitchens are […]