Seeds of Prosperity

A small business or micro-enterprise can pave the way to a comfortable living, more so when regular or well-paid jobs are in short supply. This is especially true for individuals and families living below the poverty line. A vegetable cart, a roadside kiosk selling household items, a small home-based tailoring business, or a street food […]

Creating school-parent connections for foundational learning using technology

In recent years, early childhood care and education has started to draw a lot of attention especially with those coming from relatively higher economic classes. NEP 2020 echoes the basic understanding that 85% of childrens’ brain development happens by the age of 8. Individuals and school systems are increasingly starting to see the value in […]

POSHAN MAAH Program in Braj Villages

Soul Of Braj Federation Organised , POSHAN MAAH Program in Braj Villages , Mathura District , Uttar Pradesh. SOBF reaches 3 Villages (From 16th September to 20th September 2020), Ram Taal , Devi Aatas , Nangla Sumera, in Braj Region for POSHAN MAAH (An Initiative By Government of INDIA).  In this Program we reached 700+ […]

Beaureaucrat turned Padwoman of India

                                                                A journey of creating Pad men and Pad women across India amidst covid by Aman Preet , IRS            […]

From Maggi to Movement to Magic!

Magic Poshan is an initiative, started by Inika Kandwal, Tanya Gupta and Shruti Koundinya, to provide underprivileged schoolchildren with essential nutrition as they don’t have access to school mid-day meals during the lockdown in India.  The Journey Our story begins with one balcony, a cold night breeze, glistening stars, and 3 bowls of steaming Maggi. […]

Shachindra’s last *#125days* and his thoughts

Today, through the #WallofGratitude we take a bow to Factory Heads like Shachindra Kumar in the #FMCG industry who along with their teams have been enabling production & supply of life-saving #hygiene products. Our sincere #gratitude to #DeCoronaChamps like Shachindra and tens of thousands of #leaders in factories across the nation who have been holding […]

Wall of Gratitude Salutes DeCoronaChamps like Gaurang Rathi, IAS

On the occasion of our Independence Day, through the “Wall of Gratitude“, we salute leaders like Gaurang Rathi, IAS, (Municipal Commissioner – Varanasi, CEO – Varanasi Smart City, CEO – Kashi Vishwanath Trust) and all those in the CivilServices who have been navigating our villages, towns and cities through Covid19. “The best way to find […]

MP Farmer Builds Irrigation System Using Waste Glucose Bottles; Now Earns in Lakhs

For many years, and several monsoons, the farmers of Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh looked to the skies for showers. As they witnessed their crops die, lands go dry and families starve to near-death, many abandoned their villages to migrate for daily wage jobs in urban areas. Ramesh Bariya was one such farmer. A native […]

Ramvati works among COVID-19 Patients to Feed her Five Children

From Lucknow, Ramvati is a 30-year-old widow and mother of five, who lives with her in-laws. Trapped into child marriage at 12, Ramvati says that she’s faced so many hurdles so young that now she has become strong.  Ramvati works as a cleaner at a private hospital, risking her life every day working among COVID-19 […]

The Sikh Family is helping perform Last Rites for COVID bodies

“There is no higher form of service to humanity than giving a dignified send-off to people rejected by their own.” In the present times, social distancing has become the buzz word and action to follow, both from the alive as well as the dead. There seems to be no respite for the people even after […]