A journey from polio to being an environmentalist

For Sathish Kumar, the cradle of life was not gilded. For someone who lost both his legs before he turned one, to polio, there wasn’t much to look forward to, while growing up. But little did he know that he would be blessed with a green thumb, that had enough sheen to blanket the parched […]

Barren land turned a source of livelihood for farmers

Sudhanshu Sharma and his wife Susmita Roy were working in the national capital. He was in the strategy and marketing sector, while she was in public health. What astonished them was a high-rising “mountain” that they would often pass on their way to work. But on this fateful day, they realised it wasn’t a mountain, but […]

Man plants 600+ Banyan trees, Targets to plan 5000 more!

Riding his two-wheeler with bags of banyan saplings, Shyamal Jana travels across southern districts of West Bengal with the slogan ‘Thakbo Na Ko Bodhho Ghore, Gach Lagabo Bisso Jure’ (will not confine myself to a room, will plant trees across the world).’ Jana, a primary school teacher in East Midnapore district, has set a target of […]

A butterfly garden made on a wasteland!

Swapnali Dabke was overwhelmed with emotions when she turned 46 on September 30. Her husband Dr Suneet asked her to accompany him for a tree plantation drive in Manjusar village. But Swapnali reached there, a fluttering gift was awaiting her – a butterfly garden made on a wasteland!. Suneet, 51, an environmentalist thought of doing something that can […]

Ecovibe’s journey from cycle to eco-cycle

 Pedalling is a popular fitness activity across age groups these days. For some cycling enthusiasts, it’s about recreation, relaxation of a different kind. For Kozhikode’s Ecovibe Pedallers, however, cycling is more of a mission. The 21-member cycling community based in Nadapuram is on a mission to eliminate the plastic menace. Cruising through different parts of Kozhikode […]

IIM Grad’s Hydroponics Startup Helps 5000 Farmers

Narang, an alumnus of IIM Kolkata never imagined he would set up a venture that would one day provide Indian homes with good quality produce.  Prior to this, he worked in the pharma sector wherein he was involved in the supply chain of medicines. “We would provide speciality medicine and care services to patients suffering from […]

Purnima Devi’s Hargila army saves endangered storks

In 2007, when Purnima Devi Barman embarked on her PhD on the greater adjutant stork, little did she know that she would soon spark a mass movement. One that would not just save the bird from extinction, but rally thousands of women to form an Hargila Army of conservationists, change mindsets, and provide livelihoods. Fifteen […]

Batteries Made From Aloe Vera

The fast development in portable power-consuming gadgets is driving up global demand for battery cells. Every year, customers discard billions of batteries, all of which contain dangerous or corrosive chemicals. Some batteries include toxic elements such as mercury, lead, and lithium, which degrade into hazardous waste and pose health and ecosystem risks if they leach from landfills. […]

ASHA: Hope to find water scarcity

For over two decades, Asha S of Karnataka-based NGO Arohana has worked tirelessly to conserve water in her region.  In Kolar district, where water scarcity is rampant, she has helped 1,350 households divert waste water to agricultural fields, rejuvenated two lakes, and enabled rainwater harvesting in three government schools.   “It is everyone’s duty to protect […]

In a nutshell: Man who went out of his way to save the turtles

Soumya Ranjan Biswal from Odisha spends most of his time creating awareness about olive ridley turtles and the marine ecosystem. He and his college junior, Dilip Kumar Biswal, take turns to don the costume of a cheerful turtle as they travel along Odisha’s coast to create awareness about the environment among the fishing communities. He’s […]