Keeping it Green

Alipurduar, a unique  district in the state of West Bengal bordering North eastern state,Assam to its east  and being gateway of all north eastern states  and Bhutan to its north ,having international border at Jaigaon town of Alipurduar, poses a unique challenge as all the stranded persons coming from all north eastern states and Bhutan […]

Making Essential Items Available in LockDown: A GO NGO Crowd Sourcing Success Story

COVID19, now being dealt with under Disaster Management & Epidemic Acts in the Country is a Unique disaster with Lock-downs and its prolonged nature. it has bought Unique challenges of its own and so has it opened new avenues for Collaborative Solutions. One such Initiative has been taken in Ganjam District of Odisha where 2 […]

Nagpur Model for Food Security during #COVID19

At Nagpur Municipal Corporation, we have created a model for food security to make sure that no one in Nagpur Municipal Corporation region sleeps hungry during the current Covid pandemic.We call this as the Nagpur Model for Food Security. This model is a Public-Private People Partnership (PPPP) which NMC has created by partnering with our […]

GMDA’s Smart City Division through Digital Initiatives Provides Key COVID-19 Surveillance in Gurugram

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is helping the citizens of Gurugram Metropolitan area during COVID-19 pandemic to stay safe and away from facing any ground difficulties through the integration of GMDA’s unique technological endeavours. GMDA, in coordination with District administration is acting as backbone of IT Infrastructure to meet technological requirements.  Under the overall […]

Evoking the local to fight the global

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. It has asked us tougher questions day by day, straining our resources and making us question our strategies. Because lots of data and expert opinion has flooded in through various channels, it has been doubly difficult to keep track of all that is happening. One good […]

Using technology for effective containment

The Covid-19 pandemic has been spreading fast and governments across the globe are doing everything they can to contain it. The first positive case of coronavirus appeared in district Barabanki in the first week of April. A person who has recently returned from Delhi had tested positive – and this set in motion whole new […]

Leveraging Whatsapp groups for better governance

Leveraging Whatsapp groups for better governance The Covid-19 has proved to be a mammoth challenge for administration and public health systems across the globe. It is not only a problem of unprecedented scale, but is ‘novel’ to the extent that we are having to evolve and adapt protocols every single day. It is natural that […]

Telemedicine and use of social media facility in Ujjain to fight against corona

Ujjain is one of the RED zone district in Madhya Pradesh with third highest count of Corona positive cases in the state. In light of the COVID – 19 Outbreak the Ujjain Smart City Integrated Command and Control Room initiated Telemedicine facility for the locked down people in Ujjain. The objective was to provide video […]