What Are The Available Supports For People With Disability?

As we know, people with disabilities need certain supports to live an independent life on their own. The disabilities can be of various types, but all of them require supports which makes them socially active and independent. There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability, and this number is growing as the increasing […]

Rachakonda Police of Telangana state- Serving Souls in Covid19 Pandemic

Humaneness and sensitivity have long been perceived to be hidden behind the Khaki. The COVID 19 pandemic brought the nation to a standstill through lockdown. However, the police have geared themselves up in no time to be tough on implementation of lockdown on one hand and to lend a helping hand to those suffering due […]

Transforming Beggars and Homelessness amid #COVID19 pandemic

#Transformation – Not Just A Change, leading the way towards Social Transformation: We are Converting Crisis into opportunity for the Most Vulnerable. Transforming the vulnerable, beggars by providing them with skill sets, societal values, care & make over to change the approach. With the lockdown due to #Covid19, the most vulnerable and homeless are at […]

Sky is the Limit’ at Department of Special Needs at Step By Step School

Sattik was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy with hemiplegia due to asphyxia at birth and swallowing of meconium fluid. His struggles were daunting but with the untiring support of his parents, he has come a long way. He has mild speech and language problems with motor difficulties in the left leg and hand which affects the […]

Wings of opportunity

Arav was diagnosed with dilation of the right ventricle of his brain. This affected his creativity and imagination. Also, because his processing speed was affected, he used to take time to collect his thoughts before speaking. In his previous schools, he had been facing academic difficulties especially in reading and writing.  In 2010, when he […]

Online Raashtriya Baal Swaasthya Kaaryakram (RBSK)

Transparency and efficiency through extensive use of technology has become the fundamental principle of all reforms in the governance today. Though financial sphere of governance has been transforming very rapidly throughout the country, basic administrative aspects and office procedures, being much more complicated, perhaps have taken a back seat. Considering this situation, Dhule district administration […]

A Mother to the Needy

Shanti Niketan Social Welfare Society Hundreds of helpless, destitute men line the streets of Delhi,  braving the heat and cold, often rendered immobile due to disease or starvation.  Several are mentally challenged, or are old, sick or infirm and are abandoned as they are a burden on their families.  Some are accident victims, left in […]

A Centre for Enablement of Physically Disabled

The Narasingh Swain Memorial Trust was established in September 2001, in an effort to enable the physically disabled in India through reconstructive surgery. The Trust was set up in the memory of Late Narasingh Swain. The Trust started work in a modest way from the year 2001, treating physically disabled persons with grotesque burns, birth […]

Digital Literacy for poor SHG members ,

We are working at North Sundarban area of West Bengal .Lots of problems like health ,Education ,Income Generation eyc present here.Due to poverty, the local peoples  are unable to learn about digital literacy.We have decided to provide free digital literacy to  the poor SHG members so that they can earn their breads through their digital […]