Kerala IFS Uses Coir To Prevent 90 Lakh Plastic Bags From Reaching Landfills

In 2018, when Meenakshi C was made the Conservator of Forests in Kerala’s Central Region, her aim was to eliminate the age-old use of polythene bags to raise seedlings, and increase the awareness among youngsters about the positive effects of greenery in urban areas. “Every year, the Forestry Department distributes 90 lakh seedlings to schools, […]

10 Gurugram Residents are Helping Organic Farmers Bring Produce to Your Doors

In such a situation, it is vital India finds alternative pathways of well-being, that help generate dignified livelihoods for all, and that help us move towards ecological sustainability. Before the pandemic drove things awry, people would throng the club patio at South City-1 in Gurugram during the early hours every Sunday. A long line of […]

Coir Bhoovastra: Kerala’s water bodies go through a makeover during monsoon

With nature at a new risk every day, Kerala has taken the astounding initiative of giving their canals and streams a new kind of makeover.  The makeover will use eco- friendly cloth to drape over their banks. The cloth will stop erosion during the season of monsoon. Kerala the Land of Coconuts, have been technologically […]

Jhansi shows the way to combat the Locust Menace

When we sit down for a meal, we instinctively thank the Almighty. But how many of us also thank the farmer who braves numerous odds to put the food on our table?   Notwithstanding vagaries of the weather and high input costs, the Indian farmer toils away for months, to eke out a living.  He […]