One District – One Digital Library for all

Introduction: Inspired by the success of Saksham Surajpur and Sashakt Dantewada, the visionary theme of “One District One Digital Library for All Citizens” envisions a transformative digital library system accessible to every individual. These pioneering initiatives in Surajpur and Dantewada districts of Chhattisgarh have empowered students and citizens through the centralized availability of vast educational […]

Transformation of the Tribal Heartland – Bastar Unprecedented and Unparalleled

Rajat Bansal (IAS: 2012) will shortly complete two years of his stint as Collector Bastar. In a short span of two years, coupled with the misery of the pandemic, revisiting of developmental projects and progressive initiatives in Bastar reflect an unprecedented and unparalleled transformation of the once infamous Naxal heartland. The Bastar development model is […]

Mohalla School and A Rag-Picker

Sashi, a rag picker in Grade 1, went to school for a few days before the pandemic broke out and school shut down. He is only six years old and yet works for long hours to segregate items of value from the waste on the outskirts of Gaurinagar area adjacent to Rajnandgaon railway station in […]

Good, Replicable Practices and Innovations under Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY)- VIDAL HEALTH as a Key Stakeholder

Started in 2002, Vidal Health has become an integrated healthcare services player catering to the entire healthcare value chain capable of addressing of healthcare markets across the globe, We are among the leading providers of Third Party Administration (TPA) Services with our strong medical expertise, existing state of art technology for risk assessment and administration; […]

Lockdown with No food, No Money and No Parents…

Lockdown with No food, No Money and No Parents… Reena picked up the phone when it rang… Upon listening to the familiar voice of her beloved Sheetal didi, the Social Mobiliser from Room to Read (an international NGO) and her mentor, tears started rolling down her cheeks and she started howling…  Reena, a student of […]

Chhattisgarh IAS Sonmoni Borah setting benchmark in labour welfare during Corona Pandemic

COVID-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill with this catastrophe hit on all the sectors in a brutal manner, which has resulted in collapsing economies and people compromising with their financial situation and employment. Albeit the lockdown has healed the Planet’s environment in phenomenal ways, but it has hit the businesses fatally. The […]

How IAS officers in Raipur, Chhattisgarh are combating food scarcity in Corona Pandemic

The contemporary world is experiencing a sizable outbreak of deadly Corona Virus in present time. India is enduring this catastrophic pandemic from January 2020 and the number of infected people has spiked whopping numbers and still is on rise. It is estimated that this global disaster is costing the country in billions. When these disasters […]

Surajpur Telemedicine – hospital at your doorsteps

Surajpur Telemedicine – hospital at your doorsteps Replacing the idea ‘social distance’ by ‘vitual distance’ by effective use of technology and digital platforms. At the time when the world is facing COVID pandemic and the country is in Lockdown, the world has come to a halt. Many restrictions have been imposed and people are wary […]