Couple from Kashmir used their savings to provide shelter to wounded animals

It is another Monday in Srinagar, Kashmir, and for Dawood Mohammad and his wife Mariya Mushtaq, it means yet another day of calls from people who have spotted an injured animal.  Being one of the only few rescue centres in the valley, Dawood says that the work at Animal Rescue Kashmir is never-ending but he […]

Amtes’ Ark: Prakash & Mandakini Amte, protectors of the vulnerable

“Elsa … Elsa!” calls out Dr Prakash Amte, sliding open the gate to her den. At the sound of his voice, a five-year-old leopard pounces out, eyes shining, powerful muscles rippling under her gleaming fur, a deep, low purr rumbling from her chest. Next, we move to Jasper, a 15-year-old striped hyena, who cackles excitedly […]

Two individuals helping Animals and Birds

“Humanity’s true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: Animals.”― Milan Kundera I’m Dr. Sindhura, my aunty Sri vidya and I are working together to support animal welfare at a large extent. With the lockdown, these animals are not getting letfover foood to eat and people are […]