Of Warping Time and Leading with Hope...

Submitted by Kruti Bharucha | Last Updated 20/01/20
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It was Einstein that said “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once” but, given the pace of the past few months, there were definitely times where we were trying to warp and curve the time-space continuum to get everything done! There are three things that I’d like to share with you.

First, we’re investing in teachers and building their capacities to improve classroom practice and learning. Our teacher training vertical is taking on the role of a Teacher Development Centre. This will encompass training, coaching and classroom observation. Most of us agree that teacher training is not sufficient in improving learning outcomes --- training has to ‘stick’. We think this will happen if training is supported by real-time coaching, teacher support and an immersive programme of building a cohort of trainers that are aware of innovative teaching practices in the government system. As with our other work, we will lead with proof points to demonstrate the model, gain evidence of impact and then scale the effort by integrating the programme into government systems.

Second, we’re deepening our work in Madhya Pradesh. We kicked off our deeper engagement in MP with three ‘design thinking’ workshops that helped us involve voices from the ground (Principals, teachers, DIET lecturers and principals, BACs, CACs, DPC, APC), to co-create the programme that we will roll out (20 individuals in each cohort). We didn’t want to sit behind a desk and design the programme ourselves and there’s no better insight than the perspectives of those that are doing the hard work of running schools and teaching children on a daily basis.

Third, our codification and knowledge management effort has begun under the direction of Urmila (our Director, Education). We think codification is critical to helping us scale our work and are investing in standardising our teaching practices, our school processes, our teacher training rubrics and modules, etc. As we get deeper into this effort, we will be exploring the use of a technology platform to make this easy to access and disseminate.
So, as we enter 2020, I am incredibly hopeful that we’re building a special organisation here. One that is going to work towards delivering high-quality education in government schools and bringing hope and positivity and inspiration to the work we do, every day.

With love, hope and the belief that we will build a better world,


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