NTPC Ensuring Water Access to Villages

Submitted by Aashi Attut | Last Updated 06/02/20
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NTPC Limited’s Mouda Super Thermal Power Station (NTPC Mouda) is not only focused on generating power and lighting up houses, but is also lighting up the lives of those in need. NTPC Mouda, under its Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) Policy has emphasized on the empowerment of the under resourced people residing in the nearby villages who have benefitted in some way or the other by the R&R works of the power plant.

“Earlier, we had no access to clean water for drinking and other uses. Many of us had to drink impure water when the rains were too heavy leading the rivers to flood. That’s when NTPC came to our rescue. They have built a water filter plant on the Kanhan River which provides clean and purified water to every household in Mouda. Now, we don’t have to worry about the quality of water anymore. Thanks to NTPC,” says Lokesh Parade, a resident of Mouda, a village with a population of about 35,000.

Mrs. Vidya Haridas, a resident of village Rahadi, says, “availability of clean water was a major issue for us. I was always worried about the health of my child and my family. There was always a little or scarce amount of water which was available. To solve this problem, NTPC Mouda installed borewells in our village which has provided us access to water round the clock.” To make good quality water accessible in other surrounding villages, NTPC Mouda has also installed water ATMs in Kumbhari and a total of 11 borewells in Azangaon, Kumbhari, Babdeo and Dhamangaon. Because of these borewells, the villagers don’t run out of water even in the scorching heat of the Vidarbha region summer.

Water is the most crucial substance required to sustain human life and that is why NTPC Mouda wants that each and every nearby village gets water 365 days a year. To further aid the cause, NTPC Mouda is installing 1000 Liter UV+RO drinking water treatment plant at Isapur, Azangaon, Rahadi, Korad, Lapka and Navegaon along with a well at Kumbhari.

NTPC has not only set its standards on being the best company in the power industry, but has also taken several steps to make the living conditions in the neighboring villages better in every way possible. NTPC Mouda believes in giving back to the community as much as it gets and constantly strives for green energy and a healthy community.
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