How NTPC Simhadri Propelled Multiple Lives?

Submitted by Nikita Nanda | Last Updated 30/01/20
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Kambala Masenu, a humble dweller of Jalaripeta village in Visakhapatnam District lost over eighty percent functioning in his lower limbs at an early age, stagnating his life and prospects most literally. Struggling to even secure intermediate education and a stable means of livelihood, he was dejected with his minimal scope of mobility constantly curtailing his competencies. The absence of a vehicle proved to be a deterrent at Atchutapuram Hostel where he was schooled. With a resolve to complete his education, despite being in immense pain, he used his hands to walk for 2 kms everyday and managed to finish intermediate. 

A greater challenge began once he returned home, every task required him to cross two villages and a distance of over 3 kms, making daily life an exasperating task altogether. Not only physically but this disability was draining him financially adding avoidable cost for him to travel outside. And more often than not, the availability of financial means became the deciding factor to whether he will be able to get to the place required.

Despite this disheartening tale of struggle, he now leads a fulfilling life, travelling over 20-30 kms everyday with a stable means of livelihood. NTPC Simhadri CSR, with its determination to not let any disability limit potential actualization, extended to leap this critical gap and empowered Masenu to lead a satisfying and gratifying life. A complex and long-standing crisis was simply solved with provision of a Motorized Battery Operated Tricycle in 2018. 

Since then, the vehicle has propelled not just his movement but his ambitions as well. He now works in the local administration, travelling to work every day and accomplishing tasks that earlier seemed unachievable. He is now able to economize use of money and energy and amplify use of his capabilities that earlier remained disguised. He no more considers himself disabled and would much rather be seen as greatly enabled. 

NTPC has taken this resolve to extend large scale support to facilitate the potentials of differently able people by provision of varied aids and assistive devices. Regular distribution in collaboration with ALIMCO is conducted post a holistic assessment camp at NTPC Simhadri. Motorized Tricycles, Hand Propelled Tricycles, Hearing Aids, Kit for MR, Kit for Visually Impaired, Wheel Chairs are among the many aids distributed to the beneficiaries, a long standing NTPC initiative to promote social inclusion and economic independence, empowering and fulfilling lives every day.