Pond of Hope

The livelihood of the villagers is basically linked to the locally available natural resources in the areas around their villages. With the urbanization around the

School TV

School TV Schools are closed. Young people are not online. We’re making School TV. 101 stories in Hindi, same-language-subtitled that are airing on DD in

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From Textile Factory to School

Child Labour is a continuing pre-dominant challenge in India. With more than 31 million (est. 2017) “economically active” children, India currently has the highest number

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I am neither a politician ..nor a supporter of any particular political party..I am a teacher. That’s why I am concerned about the rampant corruption

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Sports ecosystem at grassroots

Hello, have digitised platform for department of sports and developed SAAS based platform, have 4k plus schools/ colleges onboarded. Also managing one of the most

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Keeping Children Safe

At Arpan, we believe every child matters. Every child has a right to be safe and protected from sexual abuse and heal from its ill

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