Sshrishti’s Fight Against COVID-19

Sshrishti India Trust has been working with the marginalized migrant population coming from under-served communities since the past 16 years. On March this year, the country went into a lock-down in order to fight back the deadly COVID-19 and as the CEO of Sshrishti India Trust, Ms. Bose had feared, most of the organisation’s beneficiaries were stuck in different locations of Delhi and within the first two days itself, were out of resources. These families had not only lost their jobs but were also falling short of resources to sustain themselves. At present Sshrishti India Trust has 800 families whose lives depend on the organisation. The state of these families had called for an immediate and rapid action. As a response the management of the organisation got together to pull in resources and without waiting for any large grant, it sailed on its own and started distributing dry ration and necessary personal hygiene products to its beneficiary families. As the distribution process started, slowly support started coming in from different directions. 

The field staff of Sshrishti India Trust have stepped outside of their home despite of the looming danger and reached out to these families to ensure that none of them stay hungry. To make sure that these families remain safe, the field staff also made sure to give them verbal instructions on the preventive measures to lessen the probability of contracting the virus. It is not just the field staff , but the management including Ms. Bose has stepped out of their home to accelerate the process of distribution and help these families. Till now, Sshrishti India Trust’s efforts have reached to the states of Uttarakhand and Delhi and have covered multiple locations in these states. The organisation plans to continue with this initiative until the lock-down is lifted and everyday life is normalized. Despite of reaching to more than 400 families, there remains hundreds who are in need of positive intervention. Recently, Sshrishti India Trust has also started distributing protective gears such as face masks to its beneficiaries and is planning to distribute them even to the ones who are protecting us, the police personnel as well as guards, to express gratitude towards them. Once the lock-down is lifted, Ms. Bose is also planning to start off with rehabilitation centers for its beneficiaries in order to help them get back to their normal lives and make up for the loss. 
Sshrishti’s Fight Against COVID-19
Number of locations covered in Delhi and Uttarakhand | 8
Number of migrant families served thill date | 450
Number of individuals reached | 2000
To know more about Sshrishti India Trust, you could visit: You could reach out to Sshrishti at: or call us at 9650877118 

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