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Amidst the hustle and bustle of our metropolis, where stress is inevitable and peace is yearned for, there stands a tranquil, low-rise, modest and baronial structure. We call it Soami Nagar Model School. The School was envisioned by Revered leader Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj, and started in the year 1982 as Primary School. The School has been serving the community over the years and has expanded since it was founded. The school expanded further with the addition of Class XI in 2015-16 and Class XII in 2016-17. Science and Commerce streams are running for Intermediate students. School imbibes DEI Education pattern to evolve a complete man. To inculcate the ideals of better worldliness, our school is a unique combination of Spirituality and modernity. 
Our institute believes in excellence with social relevance, imparting values-based and quality education, with the objective of reaching the last, the least, the lowest and the lost; contributing to nation and community by empowering weaker sections, women and children; building the economy through research and frugal innovation anchored in the principle of achieving more with less.

“With more of real education, we can easily raise the level of intelligence of our teeming millions; create in its future generations, the habit of clear and deep thinking and of appreciating new values that turn the acquisitive impulse of its people from its present direction to the direction of truth” These profound words of Most Revered Sir Anand Swarup convey our unshakable faith in education.

We aim at a cohesive effort to impart Value based education. While on one hand the school fee is taking an aggressive toll on a common man’s budgets, here we only charge Rs. 50 per month. We mostly cater to the less privileged and together we try to take utmost care of their emotional needs too. 

“The Purpose of Life is a Life of purpose” and what better purpose can we serve, than nurturing life sustainability itself. To nurture young minds where education is universal and intrinsically woven in social fabric, realising the full potential of every individual, turning them into Torch bearers for the humanity with self effacing devotion.
There are about 30 teachers who are working honorary and few of them also come from distant area by changing metros and getting into cabs, where the goal is only commitment and fierce dedication. The principal of our school Ms. Arti Prasad is a stirring example of selfless service, and undoubtedly had a promising and a glorifying future. But just got an inner calling to leave her luxurious job and simply joined hands with Soami Nagar Model School. She is an inspiration to all of us, she leads us in togetherness and motivates us with a spark to keep doing something unique and to embroil the students by adopting various teaching methodologies. 

Education is not learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think. Our mission is for the students, by the students. Here we give enabling conditions to evoke consciousness, so that students can choose correct path. Parivartan, or change is the keyword in 21st century and education has acquired a completely new dimension. Our system is helping nurture a scientific temperament and enhances awareness of contemporary developments in the fast changing world, where change is the only constant. 

“Excellence is not an art, but habit”. SNMS recognizes that each child is an individual. It exists to impart innovative techniques to enhance life – long learning through technology, value based education and promoting sportsmanship in an atmosphere of co-operation and respect for all. 

SNMS is our karmbhoomi, we all envision being a vibrant progressive community of compassionate learners and thinkers for whom excellence is a credo. In a nurturing, stimulating and caring environment, students are able to challenge themselves and be leaders with a fine blend of top quality academics, work experience and a strong value system. 

Sports are an integral part of our curriculum. We call the Soami Nagar Model School our pride and we hope to speed the light of true knowledge and education along with values of being a complete man. Here teaching is a perfect blend of academics, moral and spiritual values. 

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