School TV

School TV
Schools are closed. Young people are not online. We’re making School TV.
101 stories in Hindi, same-language-subtitled that are airing on DD in Bihar and soon, Rajasthan.

School TV teaches children how to make comics, make music, jam in a band, how to make DIY organic home-cleaning solutions, how to grow vegetables, how to compost, how to draw botanical drawings, how to research and make a news report for TV, how to start a business on a next to nothing, how to code and why learning how to code is a super power skill.

School TV stories are about things you can do at home, in rural India, with very few resources, exploring sustainable enterprises and the link from school to work and/or enterprise of a young person’s choice whilst telling the stories of women in new careers and enterprises.
To watch trailers of School TV stories, click here ~


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