Samarpan: A dedication, A pledge

Samarpan was founded in 2016 with my sister Dr. Ruma Bhargava and my friend Dr. Rahul Pagare. We have been working in the rural and tribal areas of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand in the field of education and primary healthcare. Till now, we have touched the lives of nearly 10,500 children in 41 Govt schools in these states. We are trying to create an enabling environment in the govt schools in rural India by providing the children with Adhyayan Kits which would take care of a child’s education needs for a year and consist of school uniform, shoes, notebooks, stationery etc. To ensure accessibility of clean drinking water, we have installed water purifiers in 41 schools. Medical diagnostic and treatment camps have been organised in the tribal schools to diagnose and treat skin disorders, nutritional deficiencies, seasonal ailments etc. Menstrual hygeine awareness and dsitribution of biodegradable sanitary pads is also being done for the adolescent girls in these schools. 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, My friend Suresh Kataria IRS and I started with the distribution of face masks and sanitisers to those providing us essential services. A bunch of IRS officers posted in Mumbai have come together with Samarpan to provide food and sanitation kits to the daily wage earners in Mumbai. Till date we have distributed 7500 food kits in Mumbai which can take care of montly food requirements for 1 person and consist of wheat flour, rice, pulses, oil, spices etc. We have also provided around 7500 sanitiation kits comprising of gloves, hand sanitiser and face mask. Apart from this, around 1.5 lakh cooked meals have been provided in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Around 5000 hand sanitisers and 7500 face masks have been provided to the essential service providers. 

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