Rozgaar Aapke Dwaar

I am Hrishabh Sharma from Balaghat (M.P), I am in final year of MCA, and also preparing for civil services examination.

During the Covid-19 pendamic, we have seen hundreds and thousands of daily labourer home coming for their daily bread and butter. As part of our earlier initiative, we have offered free meal door to door delivery to cater such huge mass(You can check my story here- ).Now, as India moves towards unlocking process, we have another challenge in our hand to deal with. As the most of the worker used to reside in metro cities, the number of Active Covid-19 cases seems to spikes in the same. In other words, the situation will be getting worse pretty soon as these workers are soon going to roam around looking for work in the city area.


So, we started another campaign to get skilled labourer back on there feet. “Rozgaar Aapke Dwaar”. As part of this campaign, we  first gathered the requirement of daily worker all around the city. These requirement could be for any portion of time. The work could also differ from small/medium construction to daily wages. We have seems immense response from public and hundreds of people registered their needs. So we moved on to the next phase. Based on the requirements gathers, we started deploying workers to sites, Since I am doing masters with computer applications I have a little bit technical knowledge so for this purpose I developed a free of cost website and named it “रोज़गार आपके द्वार”. We have also involved local authorities in order to restrict any kind of monetory extortion of workers. This ways, the daily worker could earn enough to feed there families till the time we fight Covid-19 pendamic.


If you also know anyone in need to work or person who need worker, kindly contact us through watsapp.


“It’s going to be hard, but hard does not mean impossible”.


PS:- I am a student that’s why I am not earning right now but for the betterment we don’t require huge sums of money,only goodwill is needed.

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