Route to Equality

Even as the first lot of 50 electric auto rickshaws is set to be deployed for the first time on Delhi Metro’s feeder routes, 300 women drivers are being trained to get behind the wheels.

The initiative of ETO Motors aims to create sustainable income and enhancement opportunities for 300 women earners in Delhi. The women will be provided with skill enhancement training, continued guidance and help to run e-autos, thereby improving their employability or helping them become micro-entrepreneurs.

The e-autos driven by women would be blue and lilac in color to increase visibility from the commuter’s point of view. The first phase of over 50 E-auto fleet operations would begin from August 2022. Under its ‘Green Future’ program, ETO Motors plans to transition a hundred thousand drivers to electric vehicles.

“We have already trained 100 young unemployed women to drive electric autos in Kevadia city of Gujarat. We are now adding 300 electric autos at the Metro  Stations in Delhi,” says Deepankar Tiwari, Non-Executive Vice Chairman, ETO Motors.

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