Restoration of mangroves in Sundarban through afforestation

The primary objective of this project is to reduce the impact of cyclones by planting/ restoring of mangroves as well as also to generate an income source to the women who are both planting and guarding the mangrove sapling.

The following are the major objectives of the proposed project: –
Creation of a green barrier:- Increase mangrove forest cover by plantation, conservation, rehabilitation and regeneration of degraded mangrove forest in the North Sundarbans. that will help combat the extreme weather events and natural disasters such as cyclones. It is vital to understand the importance of mangroves at a time when frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as cyclones are predicted to increase in the future. Mangroves are a group of plants that can survive in salty soil and tides. They act as an effective barrier against disasters such as cyclones by protecting the earthen banks as well as reducing the damage.

Improve livelihoods for local communities by restoring degraded areas, which will further expand ecosystem benefits to the communities in terms of fish catch. Raise awareness of the importance of mangroves in coastal ecosystem among local communities.

Engage communities in the planting and conservation of mangrove ecosystems for their livelihoods. This will create motivation in the communities to conserve mangroves for their own livelihoods, as communities also depend on these resources for their livelihoods – such as fish.
To showcase the model created through the project and make it an example to encourage corporate sector towards conservation initiatives.
Document and share lessons learnt from this engagement in collaboration with ONGC Programme in the North Sundarban region.

The Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve has three main objectives: (1) Restoration of the unique mangrove ecosystem of Sundarbans and conservation of its biodiversity(2) Development of sustainable economic, social activities of the population living in the Biosphere Reserve.(3) Facilitating research, monitoring, education and training to perpetuate the achievements made.Mangroves Plantation at Raymongol River Side under Sandeshkhali-II Block & Bidhyadhari river sides of Nazat-II Gram Panchayet under Sandeshkhali-I Block of amounting Rs. -42,20,000.00 donated by LINDE INDIA LTD & LINDE PRAXAIR (CSR)(2021-2022) In this year . We have planted 100000 saplings.

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