Ramvati works among COVID-19 Patients to Feed her Five Children

From Lucknow, Ramvati is a 30-year-old widow and mother of five, who lives with her in-laws. Trapped into child marriage at 12, Ramvati says that she’s faced so many hurdles so young that now she has become strong. 
Ramvati works as a cleaner at a private hospital, risking her life every day working among COVID-19 patients. But her salary wasn’t enough to provide for eight people when food prices spiked during the lockdown. 
Akshaya Patra began delivering Essential Grocery Boxes in Lucknow since the beginning of April, with each box containing enough dry rations for 42 meals. When grocery boxes were distributed in Ramvati’s community, she says she was so happy because the rations helped meet her family’s needs. She says, “This organization has been a backbone for us during these difficult times, and I can’t thank Akshaya Patra enough times to show my appreciation for their work.”
Ramvati’s family is just one of millions who’re struggling to survive through this pandemic. With lost jobs and rapidly depleting savings (where there are any at all), our vulnerable communities, and vulnerable people across the globe, will not just have to battle a COVID-19 pandemic, but a hunger pandemic as well. 
Akshaya Patra shares stories of beneficiaries through our COVID-19 Relief Efforts, as well as of our Mid-Day Programme to show you how a small act of generosity can impact and change somebody’s life.

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