Prasanna Trust’s mission is to work towards the betterment of the poor and marginalized sections of our society

Guided by ancient wisdom in Hindu and global philosophies and under the aegis of Swamiji Sukhbodhananda, the mission of the Prasanna Trust is to work towards the betterment of the poor and marginalized sections of our society.
The Prasanna Trust is a registered public charitable trust founded by Swamiji Sukhabodhananda in 1982. The Prasanna Trust works to bridge the gap between the privileged and the poor and encourages passionate people to help those who are suffering and needy. We connect people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge the gaps in community needs. The honorarium received from various discourses and Corporate management workshops by Swamiji goes into paying for the charitable work. Like-minded individuals, corporate citizens, and local institutions also come forward to do their bit.

About Our Founder – Swami Sukhabodhanadhaji
Swami Sukhabodhanandaji is an Indian monk who has been working relentlessly on sharing the wisdom of the ancient Vedas.
He believes in spreading joy and moving people from darkness towards the light. Through his simple teachings and a problem solving approach, he has touched millions of lives across the globe.
His unique ability to deconstruct the most critical challenges facing us as individuals and corporates and to offer holistic solutions, makes him one of the most sought after “Corporate Gurus”. His talks are a careful blend of ancient wisdom and modern thoughts that provides us the tools for self-management and growth.
His life’s goal is to help people realize the potential of their heart, mind and soul.

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Below are our Social Service Activities:

An Orphanage for Girl Children. Nurturing lives of little girl children who have been orphaned or who are destitute due to the paradox of circumstances, who would have otherwise withered away, into enthusiastic, intelligent, celebrative, and responsible citizens since 1988. Providing food, clothing shelter, and education nurturing till they become independent and stand on their own legs, about 100+ Children have already passed out of the Home and are Well Settled in their Lives. Some are settled in Countries like the USA, and Dubai.

There has been A Government Directive to House Children above 18 Years in A Separate building, we have just started building a separate 2,000 SQ FT Premises in an adjacent land owned by the Trust. We need support for this project.

We served 10K + meals every day during the whole COVID-19 period, with 1.5 Million + meals served.

Till today we have served 6M+ meals

Currently serving 5000-7000 meals every day 25+ Rural Government Schools and Government Hospitals.

Responding to the need, we are planning to expand to 10,000 Meals every day.

Specifically focusing to address the 25+ rural Government schools around Bangalore, Poor Patients Caretakers in Government Hospitals. In the process of Hospitalization, the Caretakers try to Skip their Meals due to the Poverty and Stress they go through. Thus, A Service to the People Who Serve.

Sponsoring deserving students with a complete education, Life Transformational Education. Youth Programs like “Healthy Minds” to School / College Students / Youth.
More than 1Lakh Students benefited. Life Transformational Education to School / College Students / Youth/Corporate Profession

We sponsor financially impoverished students with Educational Scholarships. To date, 500+ students have benefited from this scheme.

Prasanna Trust Bangalore won the Analyst impact fund 2021 organized by Goldman Sachs and we have newly sponsored 250 students this academic year 2022. To continue this scholarship for these students next year we are desperately looking for your support.

The pictures and testimonies are given in the link below.

Offering Free Cardiac care and Heart procedures, Already Performed 450+ Heart Surgeries to the needy. Provision of Artificial Limbs & Callipers. Free Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery

A Wholistic Approach to Seva – Prasanna Trust :
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we Seek Kind Support, through CSR Initiatives or general donations.

Thank you
Team Swami Sukhabodhanandaji

Vasanthi Poojary
Mob: + 91080 70452

Rosy Diana
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