‘Pragyanam’ meaning wisdom or understanding in Sanskrit, is a new K-12 school in Gurugram. We stand on the core belief that the objective of learning in the 21st century is to raise mindful, conscientious individuals who root for competence over competitiveness and aspire to live a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Pragyanam- a CBSE affiliated school operates the unique ‘No Limit Pedagogy’ developed by PARWARISH. This pedagogy has been designed by Parwarish through their extensive research with children, parents and teachers for more than 10 years. 

Our ‘No-Limit Pedagogy’ is about children discovering their own ‘No Limitness’ where subjects are used as a medium to develop life-skills. While the main focus is on developing these life-skills, learning happens along the way.

The Objective of the curriculum delivery is to nurture and inculcate the following in very child:
  1. Problem solving
  2. Self-belief
  3. Ingenuous
  4. Emotionally and mentally healthy
  5. Physically Healthy
  6. Effective communication
  7. Interpersonal Relationships
  8. Sedulous
  9. Self-reliant / Responsible
  10. Humane
These elements are the amalgamation of the innate qualities of children, the life skills prescribed by WHO and well researched and published lists of 21st Century skills our children will need to thrive in their lives.
Each child is assessed on the above parameters, using the No Limit Scale/Assessment Matrix. Grades/Marks are replaced with detailed descriptors, charting each child’s growth and progress against the descriptor. 

Educators at Pragyanam go through an extensive 3 month training program conducted by Parwarish to not only equip themselves with these tools but also through a journey of personal transformation. This training is mandatory for all educators (academic and non academic) before they start their work with children.

Operating from a basic premise that every child can achieve whatever s/he wants to; the no-limit pedagogy supports the educators in creating a stimulating safe space; where each child discovers the innate abilities and grows to be a ‘No limit’ adult. 

Parents are a integral part of the child’s growth. The approach partners and empowers parents to facilitate the process at home to create an environment, free from the limiting beliefs of ‘limited abilities’; thus, empowering each child to explore and grow.

Our mission is to kindle a positive change in the country’s prevailing education system and partnering schools to implement this pedagogy where children are inspired learners being happy every day, living meaningful lives and creating value for themselves and for those around them!

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