Poverty Eradication Through Quality Primary Education

“If poverty can be abolished in this century, it can only be possible through knowledge ” – Shri Narendra Modi
This quote outlines how important education is for the well-being of a country’s economy, as it brings multifaceted benefits to the entire nation.

India struggles to fill the schools with teachers across the hinterland, leading to poor quality of education and innumerable dropouts. Quality education is necessary for a better future. icareindia has kept this observation in mind; many poverty- ridden regions have unorganised and improper education systems. Just having schools and colleges does not ensure education. The total implementation of knowledge is necessary, which is gained as well as developed through experiences and learning – resulting in development of skills and interests.

Primary education is the foundation builder of a person’s career, as well as life. Thus, basic primary education needs to be of better quality.

icareindia targeted government primary schools by involving interns and volunteers from various fields to introduce new training programs for primary school children, to help in positive transformation of the society. It is commonly noticed at such schools that education is given in an unattractive and uninterested way. Therefore, children weren’t interested in going to school to study, but rather went for mid-day meals, uniforms, dresses, as well as books. The first and the foremost thing our team targets to solve this problem is making the teaching pattern attractive by using pictures, charts, and various types of educational games. This also include proper practical demonstration of whatever is being taught.

Even after returning back to their homes, students barely open their school books or notebooks. This is also the reason why many children don’t prioritize their studies, as most parents in poverty- ridden areas give more importance to work.

Children need to get engaged in their studies and develop their interests, as primary education is also the interest initiator in a child. Interest development will take place correctly only when proper information, proper techniques, use as well as availability of education is understood.

The best way to fight poverty is to empower people through access to quality education. Poverty- ridden families have children who lack quality education, which further results in an uninterested attitude towards learning and lack of interest development in any particular field for further studies in future. Hence, this results in unemployment and cheap work or job opportunities. This problem needs to be worked upon to eradicate poverty.

A healthy mind finds opportunity everywhere from the beginning, and if the child is provided with quality education, it will lead to his/ her upliftment as well as his/her  family’s. Good education provides better working opportunities as well as respectful earnings.

In some government schools, icareindia interns conduct extra-curricular activities, as it is an important step towards the development of skills and interests of children. Co-curricular activities like singing, dancing, instrument playing, drawing, painting, sports etc. need to be introduced properly in government schools so that children know that they can develop career in these field also. These fields will help in discovering new talents, for which our interns tirelessly work with them to discover their potentials.

Lastly, it could be easily depicted that poverty is due to lack of proper education and illiteracy, which can be overcome if we start working from its roots- from the childhood stage. Enhancing the quality of primary education is important, as education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
Anoop is a senior IT professional with long international experience and is the founder of icareindia, who’s mission is to help children escape poverty through access to quality education with equal attention on environment sustainability, health & hygiene. We have also initiated a community health index project some time ago, focusing on preventive healthcare, nutrition and hygiene aspects of pregnant ladies, infants and adolescent girls. In the impact driven social program, youth energy is channelized through social volunteering, internship, fellowship/leadership programs to nurture them as youth and community leaders.

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