Pond of Hope

The livelihood of the villagers is basically linked to the locally available natural resources in the areas around their villages. With the urbanization around the villages and the change in the pattern of economic activity, natural resources are decreasing which directly affect these people. This is the story of a pond of hope which was built by the team of Gokul Opencast mine in Umrer Area about one and a half years ago to solve the problem of fishermen community living in the nearby Nanda village.
Traditionally, fishermen communities use locally available water bodies for fish farming in villages and earn their livelihood. The fishermen community of Nanda village, struggling with the problems of shortage of natural resources, drying up of old water bodies, expensive privately owned ponds, etc., were fighting to continue their traditional livelihood. Some youngsters from the fishermen community approached the local management of the Gokul Opencast Mine and put up their problems. Then, started the journey of the pond of hope! 

Management planned the location of the pond and began work on site using local resources. Local people were consulted to examine the historical context of the water harvesting area after monsoon so that the pond would be naturally adapted to the geography of the area. When water started collecting in the pond during the last monsoon, fishermen started laying eggs of different varieties of fish in the pond for breeding fish. As the pond is on the natural terrain, fish can thrive on the natural vegetation around the embankment which does not require any special feed.

This pond of hope created by the Team WCL, which believes in its inclusive growth and sustainable development work culture and will complete one year of fish farming/pisciculture during this year’s monsoon. It is a great initiative to build new hopes and opportunities in one’s life! It motivates us to always think of possible solutions to resolve problems for any positive change at your level from this moment!

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